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Google shows personalized TV advertisements

Although Google makes most of its revenues from advertisements on its own website and on millions of other websites, the company now also wants to add TV advertisements as a potential revenue stream. The company is currently testing a method for showing TV advertisements in an American city.

The method allows advertisers to show their advertisements only to people with a certain viewing habit. Just like on the internet, Google is able to collect data from its TV customers to profile them. The data allows the search giant to only show advertisements that possibly fit the interests of the users.

Google uses the same technology on the internet for years already, where it uses cookies and other ways to track which websites users visit, to only show advertisements that are relevant to the user.

The test with the new TV advertisements currently takes place in Kansas City, where the company operates its own fiber network and sells internet subscriptions. TV is also part of these subscriptions. Google emphasizes that customers can also turn off personalized advertisements.

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