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DRTV - direct response television advertising - is increasingly attractive to advertisers because it can produce masses of new business leads virtually instantly. DRTV commercials carry a direct response "call to action" via 0800 phone, text message or website, so viewers can respond straight away.

  • Regular DRTV advertisers include famous brands like Direct Line, the AA, More Than, Disney, British Red Cross, Save the Children, Liverpool Victoria Insurance, National Accident Helpline and Viking River Cruises.
  • Specialist DRTV ad agencies are best for DRTV projects, because DRTV requires creative disciplines which are very different from conventional image building advertising.
  • Faster! No advertising medium works quicker. DRTV produces new customers immediately - other advertising media seem positively glacial by comparison. Around three quarters of phone response will be received within just 15 minutes of each spot’s appearance.
  • DRTV commercials have instant impact, because TV viewers are a "captive audience", taking it easy at home. And no, they don’t make tea every ad break! Viewers like DRTV because it’s quick and easy. No letters to post, just one call, online visit or text message is all it takes.
  • Have a story to tell? DRTV is the perfect demonstration medium.
  • There’s a choice of DRTV advertising spot lengths – 30 seconds and 60 seconds are the most popular. We’ll help you decide which is right for your brand.
  • Think TV is pricey? DRTV ads can be astonishingly fabulous value. Production costs are normally much less than for “image building” commercials and DRTV spots are cheaper than regular spots. Test market media costs can be as low as £15-20,000. DRTV media budgets can be highly flexible, depending on the mix of TV channels used.
  • DRTV is not only less expenive than regular TV, it is more sales effective too.  DRTV can produce an excellent return on a relatively modest investment.
  • Instant customer response tells the advertiser how successful each and every DRTV spot has been. Response analysis helps to keep lowering your DRTV cost per order – and enables you rapidly to build a customer data base too.
  • AND THAT’S NOT ALL! As a bonus, there’s the magic of your DRTV product being “As seen on TV!”

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